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JD unveils supply chain solutions to support partners

JD Cloud, the cloud computing unit of China’s e-commerce giant JD.com, last week unveiled seven major digitalized and intelligent supply chain solutions, as part of its broader push to help its eco-partners improve efficiency and reduce costs in their digital transformation drive.

Firm helps enhance sensory experience with world-leading innovative solutions

Every day, we use our senses to perceive the world around us. Our five senses — sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are perceived through our sensory organs. Nowadays, technologies also play a role in enhancing our senses.

BYD: China’s pioneer in new energy auto field

With share prices of Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD Co. on the rise, the company’s total market value exceeded 1 trillion yuan (US$149 billion) June 10, marking the first time for a Chinese auto company to be ranked among the top three global auto firms in terms of market value, Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reported.

Ping An leverages fintech for high-quality development

The “Ping An Auto Owner” app, “Pocket Bank,” artificial intelligence customer services, and other cutting-edge fintech attracted reporters’ attention during a research tour at the headquarters of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. in Futian District on June 23.

Battery maker seizes new energy opportunities

Sunwoda, a world leader in the lithium-ion battery industry, received a Tier One electric vehicle (EV) battery cell manufacturer status from Benchmark’s Lithiumion Battery Megafactory Assessment earlier this month.

HK entrepreneur brings smart sanitation solutions to mainland

Wong Ka-Wai, who has successfully helped many of his Hong Kong customers improve their indoor air quality and safely sanitize indoor spaces, said he wanted to promote his IoT-based smart sanitation solutions to the mainland. Thus, last year, he established his company’s branch in Qianhai.