Dance drama depicts glorious epic

Dancers from Beijing and Xinjiang will stage a drama inspired by a precious brocade armband dating back to the Han Dynasty (202 B.C.-A.D. 220).

Ramble on Baywalk

A dusk walk on the 2 km-long Baywalk bridge which is elevated above the streets in Bao’an District is an ideal option for locals to relieve summer heat after finishing a day’s work.

Children's play captures Dunhuang glamour

The Mogao Grottoes, the charming world cultural heritage, will be revealed at the Chinese children’s play, “Deer Boy and the Lost Celestial Instruments,” produced by Grand Boat Culture.

Exhibition marks Pingshan Art Museum's 3rd anniversary

“Rebirth and Resonance,” an exhibition marking the third anniversary of the Pingshan Art Museum, showcases 21 artworks collected by the art museum.

Admire masters' paintings from Nanjing Museum

If the summer heat keeps up, why not spend some time with quality art in the air-conditioned art museums? The He Xiangning Art Museum is currently holding the “From Dong Qichang to Fu Baoshi” exhibition and you are sure to find some cool works.

Finely crafted cups on display

Nearly 1,000 cups crafted by 36 international artists are on display at the Art Design Center in Luohu District. Although they are just cups, these craft works provoke an immediate sense of awe through an expressive, yet considered, handling of surface decoration. They are deeply-rooted within a context of traditional Chinese ceramic-making, yet immediately contemporary.