Children's chorus to sing Chinese poetry

A favorite literary genre for thousands of years, Chinese ancient poetry is still read, with great poets honored even today. Usually translated in English as “The Book of Songs,” the earliest Chinese poetry collection consisted of 305 poems of varying length, drawn from all ranks of Chinese society. Ci, a popular form of Song Dynasty (960-1279) poems with the Chinese character literally meaning “lyrics,” was also frequently performed by entertainers.

SZ Museum opens new exhibitions

Ranging from a showcase of exquisite and colorful Canton enamels to a wonder of nature found in Cretaceous fossils and creative products inspired by several museums’ collections, three new and free exhibitions at the Shenzhen Museum are worth putting on your calendar this summer.

Liang Quan holds nostalgic 'Green' exhibition

On a cool rainy afternoon, Liang Quan's refreshing “Green” exhibition opened at Pingshan Art Museum, bringing a sense of freshness, peace and nostalgia.

600-year-old folk custom takes place at Tianhou Temple

“Farewell to the Sand” (辞沙), a 600-year-old folk custom to worship Mazu, the goddess of the sea, took place at Tianhou Museum near the Chiwan Port in Nanshan District on the morning of April 29, the first grand Mazu event at the museum since it became a national-level cross-Strait exchange base in February.

Shanghai Museum's bronze artifacts dazzle in SZ

As one of the most important historical and cultural heritages of China, ancient bronze wares are widely admired for their diverse types, unique shapes, magnificent patterns, rich inscriptions and complex casting techniques. Bronze wares were not only used in sacrificial and ceremonial activities, but also were a part of banquets, wars and daily lives.

Movie-adapted musical 'The Island' to debut in SZ

The Chinese musical "The Island" adapted from the Chinese movie of the same name will debut at Shenzhen Poly Theater on Friday night.