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Winter home for birds

Our feathered friends are back in Shenzhen for the winter. The period from November to April is the window of opportunity for observing a great variety of birds, as Shenzhen is a stopover for tens of thousands of migratory birds on the route from East Asia to Australia. Here we offer a glimpse of some bird species that have found a home at Shenzhen Bay Park.

Shenzhen journalists cover sister cities

Shenzhen Special Zone Daily journalists went to Shenzhen's sister cities.

Diving and Remaking Fishing Nets Family Day

Charity event “Diving and Remaking Fishing Nets Family Day” is organized by Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai and charity organization Dive for Love.

Coastal City

Shenzhen is a coastal city which enjoys many nice beaches.

Forest concert in botanical garden

Musicians perform at the Shenzhen Forest Concert in Fairy Lake Botanical Garden yesterday.

Colombian fans cheer on their team

Colombian fans in Shenzhen gathered at Italian restaurant Baia in the Sea World to watch their team play against Japan.

Xia Boyu shares stories on climbing Mount Qomolangma

Xia Boyu shares his stories with audiences.

Intl. photography exhibition

Twenty-six subvenues are displaying photo works across the cities.